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Extra Points

For some of the activities you will have the opportunity to earn points multiple times. For example, you will earn points for each week you make your Spending Journal entries. And each time you guide someone new through the program, you’ll accumulate extra points. You can accumulate your points using this interactive worksheet. (see excel & pdf downloads below) You’ll collect those points at Level 22.

Here’s a list of what you will do and the extra points you can earn:

Activity Timing Points
Review spending and update your budget x1/yr 5000
Update Net Worth Statement x2/yr 1000/ea
Use Spending Journal weekly x52/yr 200/ea
Posting Spending Journal to Cash Flow Budget mthly x12/yr 2000/ea
Review Credit History Report x2/yr 1000/ea
Review Insurance and Updated as necessary x1/yr 1000
Review Estate Plan and Updated as necessary (every 2 yrs) x1/2-yr 2000
Review Investment Portfolio and adjusted as necessary x2/yr 1000/ea
Set & Achieved a Financial Goal that Increases Net Worth (Awarded when achieved) 2000/ea
Sharing (for every $100 gifted or 2 hrs. of volunteering) 200/ea
Guiding someone through My Money, My Choices 5000/ea

Ways to track your extra points

There are 2 ways in which you can track your extra points. Simply download the Excel document and type in your points each month, or download the pdf, print a copy and write your numbers in each month.

(You will need Microsoft Excel and/or Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to open these documents).